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Indulge in smooth perfection with our expert waxing services. Experience gentle facial and full-body waxing using both soft and hard wax for a flawless finish.

*Note: Skin that is being waxed cannot have been exposed to the sun 48 hours before or after being waxed. You may not be a good candidate for waxing if you use anti-aging treatments, acne medicines (both oral and topical), have diabetes, eczema, or any other inflamed skin conditions.*


Clean up and/or shaping of the brows. Hair is removed above, below, + between the brow line, and trimmed to create your most flattering brow shape.


Hair is removed above the upper or below the lower lip.


Hair is removed on the chin.

Full Face

Hair is removed from lips, chin, cheeks, sideburns, and nose. 

Full Face w/ Eyebrows

Includes everything from full face wax plus eyebrow clean up and/or shaping. 


Hair is removed from top of thigh to ankle on entire leg, front + back.


Hair is removed from entire arms, shoulder to wrist.


Hair is removed from the underarm area.


Hair is removed on the sideburns of the face, while still maintaining a natural-looking hair line.


Hair is removed using hard wax from the inside of the nostrils.


Hair is removed from above the stomach to below the neck.


Hair is removed from the waistband to below the chest.


Hair is removed from entire back area, from shoulder line to waistband.


A basic tidy, hair is removed from the top line and the sides. 


Hair is removed completely, back to front with an option to leave any desired hair in the front. 

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